What are we up to ?

We aim to promote and celebrate Sheffield's outstanding visual arts, and improve access to them. Also to contribute to local policymaking.


These are the specific issues we are currently working on:

  • Arts Council Consultation: 10 year strategy
  • Sheffield's "Compact"
  • How and where to archive Sheffield's Street Art

Other Sheffield Initiatives we contribute to:

  • "Joined Up Heritage Sheffield"

        Explores ways to develop a better resourced, better connected and better

        communicated heritage offer for a wide range of audiences.

  • "What Next ?"

        What Next ? Sheffield share, debate and take collective action on issues facing

        the local and national cultural sector.

  •  Creative Guild

        Sheffield Creative Guild is a membership cooperative which seeks to connect,

        support and advocate for the many creative individuals and organisations

        in the region.

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