Bassin du Jas de Bouffan, c.1784 by Paul Cezanne.  

© Museums Sheffield

A Corner of the Artist's Room in Paris, 1907-1909 by Gwen John.

 © Museums Sheffield

Mount Etna from Taormina, Sicily, c.1870 by John Brett

© Museums Sheffield

Welcome to the website of the Sheffield Visual Arts Group, a campaigning group to promote and celebrate Sheffield’s outstanding contribution to the regional and national artscene.


The City of Sheffield owns an internationally recognised collection of 20th-century paintings and works on paper, as well as a huge array of other treasures, some on show in the Graves Gallery.  We want to promote access to this collection.  As well as the Graves, across the city there are thriving art galleries and studios reflecting Sheffield’s huge wealth of creative talent.


Our group wants the economic and cultural importance of Sheffield’s extraordinary art to be reflected in local and national policymaking.  And ultimately for Sheffield to have the pioneering cultural centre for the arts which it deserves.


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