Bassin du Jas de Bouffan, c.1784 by Paul Cezanne.  

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A Corner of the Artist's Room in Paris, 1907-1909 by Gwen John.

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Mount Etna from Taormina, Sicily, c.1870 by John Brett

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                              Image: @maciejsphotos on Instagram_Maciej Lubomski

                              Image:  Wessex Archaeology

Wessex Archaeology has launched a call for volunteer participants as part of an innovative public artwork recording project active across Sheffield this summer. Applications are open from today through to 10am Monday 9th May.

Wessex Archaeology has collaborated with project partners Sheffield Visuals Arts Group and Sheffield residents to create new data exploring how Sheffield artworks are perceived and valued amongst local people.

Participants will record Sheffield artworks and their condition by filling in a survey on public artwork in their local area. In doing so, they will be making a unique contribution to their city’s heritage to ultimately support the creation of a public artwork map which will be available on the websites of Wessex Archaeology and the project partners. It is hoped that the resource will in turn encourage future generations to preserve Sheffield’s valuable public art.

The key aim of the project is to connect people with the local heritage that surrounds them by creating an accessible way of recording and learning about public artwork. The project also aims to offer an updated record of Sheffield’s public artworks and their condition for their future protection.
Production of an updated record will enhance future community engagement projects with further uses of the project map being identified by the participants who have invested in it.

Mapping Sheffield's public artworks will help sustain the conversation on the meaning of the city’s artworks and engage new audiences in this debate. Project participants will also learn the skills to personally advocate for their heritage and establish future conservation work.


                              Image: Wessex Archaeology

                              Image: Wessex Archaeology

Natasha Bramall, Community Engagement Coordinator says:

‘I’m excited to see how the people of Sheffield respond to this initiative. Public artwork is too often something that’s in the background and isn’t fully appreciated, but this programme aims to place it centre stage. I’m hopeful that the project will encourage lots of people to seek out and take a close look at the incredible heritage that surrounds us.’


Sheffield Visual Arts Group, Project Partner, added:

‘Sheffield Visual Arts Group are delighted to have reached the launch of this exciting project. What was a plan and a hope to create a lasting picture of public art in Sheffield has become a reality under the expert leadership of Natasha Bramall at Wessex Archaeology. We look forward to working together with Natasha and volunteers to make the list of Sheffield artworks a meaningful reality.’



Applications are open until Monday 9th May.

Please visit our website for details:



For more information, please contact Natasha Bramall, Community Engagement Coordinator

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THE PENALTY OF OUR PARADOX - is a short black and white film put out by the Site Gallery, Sheffield, for Historic England as part of their Future of the High Street initiative. To the words of an original poem by local poet Otis Mensah, the film explores the high street from the perspective of young people and their experiences in public spaces. It also poses questions at a time when these communal spaces have been hit the hardest and when it is possible for change to be at the centre of our discussion.


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Our group wants the economic and cultural importance of Sheffield’s extraordinary art to be reflected in local and national policymaking.  And ultimately for Sheffield to have the pioneering cultural centre for the arts which it deserves.


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