Musings for January 2018

Surrey Sculpture Society's Sculpture Trail 2017

Wisley is the flagship garden of the Royal Horticultural Society and one of the UK’s most visited and best-loved gardens.  It attracts around one million visitors each year and its 240 acres is an amazing experience for visitors.  



Wisley aims to be an inspirational garden rather than a static display.  It offers a fantastic day out for walks, horticulture and picnics: each year it stages hundreds of events.


Last August and September the beautiful gardens hosted the Surrey Sculpture Society's annual Surrey Sculpture Trail.  This was a unique art experience, where visitors discovered over 80 sculptures, located throughout the grounds.  The sculptures were made by 68 local artists, working in stone, metal, bronze, resin, glass, ceramic, wood and found objects.  The gardens provided a perfect setting to showcase the artists’ work.


This exhibition was different to, for example, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park because nearly all the exhibits were small scale and suitable for display in a garden, rather than a park.


A gauge of the quality of the exhibits, or their value, was the sad fact that several were stolen at night during the term of the exhibition.


Here is a sample of what was on display:


Robert Scott, January 2018

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