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Variety and illumination – my take on the exhibition

“A History of the World in 100 objects – A Response”

When Neil McGregor was still Director of the British Museum, he identified 100 objects from the museum that gave an insight into world history; it was  broadcast by the BBC in  2010.


It was  subsequently published in his widely–read book “A History of the World in 100 Objects” published in 2012.
This spurred other projects, including one by Museums Sheffield in 2013 with members of the public helping to choose 100 Sheffield Objects:

Now Yorkshire Artists are having their turn, in Chapel Walk, Sheffield.  A large group of them has looked at those original objects, and each has produced their own art work, based on their personal reaction to one of the objects: working with the thoughts and creativity it has triggered.

At the moment,  Chapel Walk is a bit grim, with the scaffolding still there and little daylight on the section just off Fargate. Lots of empty properties there too, so not a very lively place....   But walk on into the light and there you will find the little Chapel Walk Gallery, in the same block as “The Sanctuary” (run by City of Sanctuary), Victoria Hall rooms and the Samaritans’ Charity Shop.  “The Response” is showing there now in the little gallery run by the artists themselves. It is also staffed by them, so if you visit, there will always be someone there who can talk to you about how the process has been for them.

There are illustrations of the original objects, with the link to the contemporary piece identified, and each artist has written a few words about how the museum piece resonated with them and inspired their own art work.


The objects chosen were varied – though gods and goddesses were popular. The one in the first picture here was inspired by the one below it.

I particularly liked this ornament (above) inspired by the Staffordshire Hoard. And yes, that is me taking the photo – with other exhibits in the background

Mount Fuji  is popular too, with this impressive embroidery.  The range of media used is broad – paintings; prints; sculpture in stone, marble, wood, and mixed media; photography; even a poem!

Always interesting, looking back over what photos I took to see that I was more drawn to the 3-D  exhibits. Even though my walls at home are full of paintings and prints. Was this because “objects” usually implies 3-D ?

Finally two of my favourites – one in found wood pieces, immediate, simple yet profound (below); and the other powerful and pretty scary - but intriguing (above).


Chapel Walk Gallery, off Norfolk Street S1 2PD          Free
Every day 11.00 to 4.00 until 14th August so you need to make haste if you want to see it !

This is the third venue for the exhibition. It is expected that more will follow.
Well worth a visit!




Vicky Seddon

August 2019



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