Archived Art Musings

Variety and Illumination - my take on the exhibition

"A History of the World in 100 objects" - A Response.

The Falkirk Wheel

Figurative Sculpture, Early Lessons and Discovering Stories Behind The Artist

Leonardo da Vinci - A Life in Drawing and 'Who We Are' Photographs by Martin Jenkinson

What does the next decade hold for Arts and Culture ?

Minnette de Silva, Sri Lankan Pioneering Architect

The Kelpies

Linder Sterling - A Punk in the Peaks

Nether Edge Festival

William Flockton, his son Thomas Flockton, grandson Charles and their legacy

Racing Cars

'How Pevsner's classic volumes have changed our perception of local architecture'

'Dan Sequerra: A Tribute'

'Street Art in Sheffield'

'George Fullard Sculptures'

'Surrey Sculpture Society Sculpture Trail'

'The Tinsley Cooling Towers and their replacement'

'Portland Works and The Art House'

'Sheffield Young Artists Competition & Exhibitions'

'My Life in Art Exhibitions'

'Cover to Cover'

'General Election'

'Why is it that some art works appeal to us and others don't ?'

'Street Art and Creative Graffiti in Sheffield'

'The Graves Art Gallery and the Art Deco Style'

'A Better Sheffield - Showcasing Sheffield's Response to Tough Times'

'Street Art in the Antiques Quarter'

'Potty About Pots'

'Musings from an Art Loving Grandmother'

'The Garman Ryan Collection - Walsall Art Gallery'

'Queen Street Cotton Mill, Burnley'

'Musings from an Art Lover (in general)'

'Musings from a Printmaker'

'Brighton Music Conference'

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